Eating Wildly: How To Spice Up A Family Hike And Your Dinner Table

Eating wildly is the new food frontier. If you could forage wild foods on your next family hike and make them part of your evening dinner, wouldn’t it be an absolute hoot? My friend Heather and I have lots of passions in common, not the least being good food and knowing where your food comes from. In […]

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Festive Outdoors Fun with the Nature Detectives’ Advent Calendar

It’s wintertime. Days are shorter, colder and moodier. How do you find the motivation to have fun with the kids outdoors? When the temptation of staying indoors in front of a screen is strong, put up your best fight, scarves and gloves and walk out the door with these activities. I recently discovered the wonderful Nature Advent Calendar of Nature Detectives and couldn’t resist sharing it with you and your family. Each day is a different page that offers Christmas-related nature activities for young nature detectives.

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Outdoor Craft for Kids: Make Your Own Swing Nature Chandelier

Want your kids to spend some time outdoors this winter and have fun? This whimsical swing nature chandelier was made by my 8-year old daughter in an hour in the woods last Sunday. All I did was provide tools, reclaimed wood, some directions and inspired company. For the rest, she did it all and was […]

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Credit: National Geographic

Hey Kids! Join National Geographic’s Geography Awareness Week

How do you raise young explorers and how do you inspire them to boldly go where no child has gone before? You open the door and let them walk out. You tell them about world explorers you admire. You get them involved with geography and let their natural curiosity do the rest. The National Geographic’s […]

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Geeky Crafts for Mad Scientist Kids: DIY Lego Night Light

Making stuff is probably one of the greatest sources of pride for a child. When the project combines fun and a useful bedtime component, it’s even better. Add electricity – you have a mad scientist project! Yes, basic electricity is accessible to school-age kids with (some) adult supervision and kids can get quick results with […]

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