batali brothers cookbook

Books for Young Children: Children’s Cookbooks

Food is fun to play with, nobody can argue with that. But it’s also good to eat and discovering new foods should be on the fun list of all children! These cookbooks and books on educating young palates will introduce your children to the idea that they can graduate from being – hopefully adventurous – […]

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The Breakfast Book by Dorset Cereals I published by Pavilion. Image photography by James Bowden

Cookbook Review: The Breakfast Book by Dorset Cereals

I love breakfast, it’s my absolute favorite meal. My 7-year loves breakfast too. This girl’s a weekday-butter toast and a Sunday-maple pancake girl. Easy does it. However my 9-year old, she’s a pure breakfast heretic. Sometimes she’ll argue she’s not hungry in the morning. She’ll push the envelope and say she doesn’t want to eat […]

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Stacie Bakes by Stacie Stewart

Cookbook Review: Stacie Bakes by Stacie Stewart

There was a time when scones were pretty much the only known example of British baked goods in France. Beyond scones was a vast culinary black hole of sweet despair after your roast. Not even nothing worth mentioning, just nothing. Imagine that. For the odd French traveler,Victoria Sandwich was probably something with cucumber and mayo […]

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Stacie Stewart Baking Masterclass. Photos courtesy of Anchor Dairy

Baking Masterclass with Stacie Stewart

To me, the word “masterclass” conjures images of a veteran music diva training young musical whizzes who could play at the Kennedy Center or the Royal Albert Hall tonight and nobody would blink.  Now a baking masterclass is a different kind of exercise, the kind of class where you take something yummy home and learn […]

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Downtown Abbey Cookbook by Emily Ansara Baines. Published by Adams Media

Review and Recipes: The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook

Downton Abbey fans, you’re in for a treat! If you can’t get enough of the Dowager Countess of of Grantham, Lady Sibyl Crawley or Elsie Hughes, you can now replicate the atmosphere of the grand house around your dining table. When I first saw The Unoffficial Downton Abbey Cookbook, I was suspicious at best. There […]

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