Outdoor Craft for Kids: Make Your Own Swing Nature Chandelier

Want your kids to spend some time outdoors this winter and have fun? This whimsical swing nature chandelier was made by my 8-year old daughter in an hour in the woods last Sunday. All I did was provide tools, reclaimed wood, some directions and inspired company. For the rest, she did it all and was […]

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Geeky Crafts for Mad Scientist Kids: DIY Lego Night Light

Making stuff is probably one of the greatest sources of pride for a child. When the project combines fun and a useful bedtime component, it’s even better. Add electricity – you have a mad scientist project! Yes, basic electricity is accessible to school-age kids with (some) adult supervision and kids can get quick results with […]

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Aiming for a balloon with bow and arrow

Brave: How Children Can Build Their Own Bows and Arrows

Thanks to Brave action girl Princess Merida, archery has taken our household by storm. When I told my girls I’d signed them up for a Brave junior ranger day in Scotland where they’d be making their own bows and arrows, they were over the moon. I mean, making your own bows and arrows at ages 7 and […]

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Teeny tiny gardening eggshell planters. From Emma Hardy's book, Teeny Tiny Gardens (Cico Books)

Eggsquisite Crafts For Spring and Easter

Easter is just around the corner and snowdrops, sourgrass and irises are stretching their petals to call for warmer days. At home, why not try these easy and budget-friendly egg crafts to kick off your Easter festivities and celebrate spring with earth-friendly activities? No plastics or chemicals needed for these cute guys. Just easy kitchen or […]

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DIY Wee Valentines. Courtesy

DIY Wee Valentines Craft for Young Romantics (and Animal Lovers)

Sweet cards and candy, isn’t Valentine’s just a happier form of Halloween to invite spring into our hearts? To help your kiddos make their own Valentine’s cards to distribute at school or on the playground, I’m happy to introduce four Wee Alphas friends that are here to help make Valentine’s Day a DIY delight. They […]

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