Day Out in Normandy: Visit the Mont St Michel with Kids

Perched atop a tidal island rock, the Mont St Michel is the most visited monument in France outside of Paris. It used to be that pilgrims were the main visitors…in the 10th century. Back then, reaching the dramatic abbey was perilous business as many pilgrims got lost in the fog, were swept by tides rising as fast as a galloping horse, or ended up swallowed by quicksands. Today, the three million yearly visitors have it easy, but the Mont is still as mysterious and breathtaking as ever. I took my girls to visit the iconic medieval island and here are tips on getting there, things to do, where to eat and what to see.

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4 Family-Friendly Hikes in Crete

For brave souls who can tear themselves away from the beach, the Greek island of Crete offers beautiful trails to get in summer shape or just to see the island off the beaten path. I’ve selected four different hikes that range from short and easy (0.5 mile) to iconic and challenging (10 miles), then sorted them by theme so you can choose the one that fits your mood. Hit the trail!

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Family Travel: The Insider’s Guide To Paris With Kids

Is Paris on your dream list with kids? The City of Light may be best known for romance but it packs a lot for the under-10 crowd. With great public transport, discounts for families and entertainment venues for the youngest ones, Paris is a fun city to visit with children in tow. Summer is the […]

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Family Travel: The Insider’s Guide to London with Kids

When my friend Ryan said she was coming to London with her two sons ages 2 and 5, I started thinking about a list of all the cool spots they would like. Family-friendly museums, only-in-London experiences, sweet treats and places to roam around – there were so many options that I could have written a […]

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Glamping in London’s Forest – A Family Outdoors Micro-Adventure

In the midst of January, glamping in London’s forest since the Middle Ages, Epping Forest, was a no-brainer. Cold weather – check. My girls – check. Open calendar – check. Hot chocolate – check. As tempting as staying in and watching TV was, we took the underground with loaded backpacks, a few knick-knacks and a map. Oh, I suspected things might not go exactly as planned but hey, that’s part of the fun.

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