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Geeky Crafts for Mad Scientist Kids: DIY Lego Night Light

Making stuff is probably one of the greatest sources of pride for a child. When the project combines fun and a useful bedtime component, it’s even better. Add electricity – you have a mad scientist project! Yes, basic electricity is accessible to school-age kids with (some) adult supervision and kids can get quick results with […]

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Dear Diary...

Encourage Your Child To Start Writing A Diary

Diaries of old diaries showed yellowed pages blackened with bold handwriting, embellished with water colors, and narrated extraordinary world travels on galleons or through misty mountains. The diary I started when I was 8 years old simply states the obvious: “Today, Friday June 29, 1979 I went to school, did subtractions, and I wrote on […]

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Cross-country hiking in Scotland

Cross-Country Hiking with Children – Conquering the Geography of the Unknown

  Typical Davy Crockett stuff – discovering new territories. We conquered the hills and dales of a Scottish island without so much as a trail on the ground – just a compass, a map and a solid appetite for adventure. John Muir would have been proud, he the Scottish-born naturalist who hunted for bird nests […]

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Aiming for a balloon with bow and arrow

Brave: How Children Can Build Their Own Bows and Arrows

Thanks to Brave action girl Princess Merida, archery has taken our household by storm. When I told my girls I’d signed them up for a Brave junior ranger day in Scotland where they’d be making their own bows and arrows, they were over the moon. I mean, making your own bows and arrows at ages 7 and […]

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Learning how to read a map, an essential life skill for children

No GPS? No Problem. Teaching Kids How To Read A Map

Have you ever gotten lost? If you have, you know it’s not fun – sometimes scary – and one of your main concerns is probably that your kids never get lost either. Or that if they do get lost, they can find their way out. One obvious solution is to accompany your children everywhere and […]

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