Kid Fun

The Great Hall at Hogwarts. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros Studios

Visiting The Harry Potter Studios with Kids

Wingardium Leviosa! If every child dream of flying like Peter Pan, every movie buff dream of sneaking behind the scenes of their favorite movie. Harry Potter fans probably dream about both – flying on a broomstick and discovering how Daniel Radcliffe did it all in the studios. At the Harry Potter Studio Tour, a.k.a. The […]

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Geeky Crafts for Mad Scientist Kids: DIY Lego Night Light

Making stuff is probably one of the greatest sources of pride for a child. When the project combines fun and a useful bedtime component, it’s even better. Add electricity – you have a mad scientist project! Yes, basic electricity is accessible to school-age kids with (some) adult supervision and kids can get quick results with […]

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Teeny tiny gardening eggshell planters. From Emma Hardy's book, Teeny Tiny Gardens (Cico Books)

Eggsquisite Crafts For Spring and Easter

Easter is just around the corner and snowdrops, sourgrass and irises are stretching their petals to call for warmer days. At home, why not try these easy and budget-friendly egg crafts to kick off your Easter festivities and celebrate spring with earth-friendly activities? No plastics or chemicals needed for these cute guys. Just easy kitchen or […]

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The cave fountain

A First Caving Adventure with Children

When I polled my girls on how they felt about wearing a helmet with a lamp and squeezing through narrow passages underground, they asked if I was serious. Then they gave me the worried “here we go again, mom’s found a new adventure” look. That was before. A ladder, a shaft and a few chambers […]

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Rain boots and headlamps at the ready

Getting Ready To Explore Caves with Children

Two days to our first caving adventure! Caving. Spelunking. Potholing. Call it what you want, we’re going. Needless to say, we are over the moon and under the ground with anticipation.  I still have no idea where we’re going, just it’s in the Lake District with Blue Mountain Activities. I received a packing list by […]

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