Kid Fun: Science


Geeky Crafts for Mad Scientist Kids: DIY Lego Night Light

Making stuff is probably one of the greatest sources of pride for a child. When the project combines fun and a useful bedtime component, it’s even better. Add electricity – you have a mad scientist project! Yes, basic electricity is accessible to school-age kids with (some) adult supervision and kids can get quick results with […]

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Shake House at the Earthquake Exhibit. Photo courtesy of the California Academy of Sciences

Earthquake Exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences

What if, every hour on the half hour every day from 11.30am to 4.30pm, you could enjoy earthquakes and not worry about furniture raining down on you? Then you’d be sitting safely inside the Morrison Planetarium watching the new Earthquake show at the California Academy of Sciences. Of course you’d probably only do it once […]

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Alice, Bettina and Jennifer from Roominate

Connect Girls and Electronics via Roominate’s DIY Doll House

Little girls, a new era begins. Of course you can play all you want with toy ironing boards or princess dresses but do you really want to be a domestic wallflower in life – or do you have bigger dreams? Based on the fact that early exposure to sciences, technology, math and engineering through toys […]

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Girls science

How Girls Can Become Better Scientists

“I used to have a lot of overdue fines at the library,” said Dr Kim Ennico, NASA scientist and astrophysicist who now plays with lots of cool space toys. “I was asking lots of questions and no one would answer so I retreated to books and read about everything. I wanted to learn how things […]

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