"FROZEN" (L-R) ANNA, OLAF, KRISTOFF and SVEN. ?2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Movie Review: Disney’s Frozen is An Animated Winter Wonderland Musical

Frozen is the latest Disney animated movie, a princess story set in the majestic landscapes of Norway. Featuring two royal sisters, an endearing goofy snowman, catchy songs and more snow crystals than you’ll ever see in this world, Frozen is a feast for the eyes.

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The Great Hall at Hogwarts. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros Studios

Visiting The Harry Potter Studios with Kids

Wingardium Leviosa! If every child dream of flying like Peter Pan, every movie buff dream of sneaking behind the scenes of their favorite movie. Harry Potter fans probably dream about both – flying on a broomstick and discovering how Daniel Radcliffe did it all in the studios. At the Harry Potter Studio Tour, a.k.a. The […]

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"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit."

The Hobbit – How To Stage the Buying of the Book

I bought The Hobbit for my girls. However I didn’t just buy it. I staged the act of buying the book for my 7- and 9-year-olds. If ever there was a religion of Book Loving People, I would probably be one of the high priestesses proclaiming to all winds what book they should read today. […]

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Frankenweenie poster

Frankenweenie: A Gorgeously Melancholic Horror Movie for Kids

Only Tim Burton can direct a movie where “horror” and “kids” can stand side by side in the same sentence without screams or buckets of blood oozing out of the walls. Frankenweenie is special treat that will delight young and old alike, a horror movie for beginners made with love. To get a good kid perspective on […]

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Guest Post: Frankenweenie Movie Review

I am glad to introduce the first guest post of my friend Laurie Blavin, the mother of a delightful (and good friend) 4th grader, a story teller and a foodie. Running VFX Scout, a firm recruiting exclusively for the Visual Effects Industry, she was the perfect person to review the new Tim Burton animated movie, […]

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