Frankenweenie Science Experiment

Frankenweenie – Science Experiment Activity Sheets for At Home Fun

My girls are dying to see Frankenweenie, the Tim Burton animated movie of a dog brought back to life by a little boy. Release date is October 5, 2012. When is it coming out mom? Will it be out for Halloween? Yes it will, I promise, but in the meantime you can have some Frankenweenie […]

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Oz The Great and Powerful poster

Trailer of Oz The Great and Powerful

Hey Dorothy, what happened before you crushed a wicked witch and fought your way to the Emerald City? Did you ever wonder who the impostor behind the curtain was? When I received word that the new trailer of Oz the Great and Powerful had been played at the San Diego Comic-con, I was intrigued and scratched […]

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Merida following a Wisp. ©2011 Disney/Pixar

Brave: Movie Review from an Outdoorsy Girl Perspective

If you’re a mom taking your daughter to the movies, get ready for a big bear hug after the credits roll. I took my little girls to a “Brave” preview at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank yesterday and Brave really hit a chord with our family. I got a big bear hug and heartfelt […]

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€œBRAVE (L-R) MERIDA amongst the triplets: HARRIS, HUBERT and HAMISH; KING FERGUS and QUEEN ELINOR.  ©2012 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Two Scottish Recipes Inspired by Brave

Brave the movie comes out this week and Disney Studios sent me these two recipes inspired by the movie. I wanted to share them because animated movie-inspired food is a great way for kids to try something new. Now you too can organize a Brave-inspired menu – cold showers optional but bagpipes background music encouraged. Scotch […]

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Movie Review: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

What’s the best part about being a pirate – the plunder? the looting? scurvy? scantily-clad mermaids? Believe it or not, it’s Ham Nite. Literally, eating a leg of ham on a pirate ship. On these goofy premises, The Pirates! Band of Misfits unrolls 88 minutes of a seriously wacky stop-motion pirate movie. All the pirate […]

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