Road Trip. Photo via, Mom Maps Blog

8 Tricks To Keep Kids Happy on Road Trips Without Electronics

As much as I love DVD players for kids on road trips, sometimes they’re not an option. As in, you’re borrowing your folks’ 1999 car and it’s still equipped with a tape player – forget the CDs. The radio is bust – no KFOG, NPR or KQED. You dont have a portable DVD player. You’re […]

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Mommy Blogger. Photo via

Frog Mom: Best Blog for Parents on SkinnyScoop and ChatterBlock

Mommy blog news! Earlier in the summer, Frog Mom made the SkinnyScoop ‘s Top 25 Mommy Bloggers of 2012 along with mommy blogs from the East Coast to the West Coast. Last week, Frog Mom was selected by ChatterBlock as one of the best blogs for parents in the Bay Area along with fantastic local blogs such as Slow Family Online, […]

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Why I Love You Dad Gift Book

Tips on How To Say “You’re a Great Dad”

We all have a father or father figure to celebrate in our life. For me, there’s my dad who taught me how to make jams, my husband who loves playing soccer or Frisbee with my girls, my brother who’s the funniest dad of three kids I’ve ever seen, my friend Olivier who taught his daughter how to […]

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In Reluctant Defense of Barbie

You know the say, don’t judge a book by its cover? Well here’s a thing about Barbie, the all-plastic blond bimbo who giggles in a world of pink; she’s pretty cool. I asked my 8-year old what she thought Barbie’s biggest quality was and here’s what she answered – get ready, find a chair, pour […]

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Mom is under the witch's hat

A Tribute To My Mom While She’s Still Alive

No kidding. Most people write tributes for their loved ones when they have a foot in the grave, are dearly departed or just won an honor. The good news is, my mom just won an honor (French Legion d’honneur – yay mom!) but that’s not the reason I want to write this tribute while she’s […]

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