Nature: Water Sports


A Family Canoe Adventure in the Lake District

Davy Crockett certainly knewwhat  he was doing more than us, but he had found the perfect way to explore waterways of the Canadian frontier. Canoes! A family canoe adventure is an ideal (and mildly physical way) to enjoy the colors of the Indian summer on a lake. If you’re looking for a lovely water activity where you navigate […]

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Swimming the English Channel

Swimming the English Channel is a great adventure, one I never thought I’d be able to witness, let alone complete but a few days ago, I did! Oh, it was an awfully big adventure. When was the last time you met up with people at 11 pm to swim almost 16 hours and get greeted on land with a clapping […]

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Canyoneering with Kids: Tips for Beginners

Canyoneering with kids, ever tried it? This adventure sport, born in France, blends walking, scrambling, swimming, climbing, and abseiling skills to traverse canyons. It’s an amazing way to explore gorgeous backcountry areas that would normally be impossible to access. For kids, it’s a epic day and a fun way to do something different with a dose of adrenaline. Let me give you a few tips for beginners so that you can discover this new activity with your family.

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English Channel Swim: Training in Bournemouth

Two Sundays before our relay swim across the English Channel to support Medecins Sans Frontieres, I took the family down to Bournemouth for a last sea swim. It was the perfect opportunity to go for another double dip, these swims where you swim an hour, get out and dry an hour, get back in for […]

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Hubert Latham Manche

English Channel Swim: A Family Adventure That Started In 1909

On July 19, 1909, my great-great-uncle Hubert Latham looked across the English Channel from Sangatte on the French coast. Strong winds had finally abated and the weather looked fair for a first crossing of the English Channel by aeroplane. At 4.30 am, he took off from Cap Blanc-Nez aboard the Antoinette IV, an early monoplane […]

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