From Trail To Table: Wild Blackberry Jam Recipe

Every summer, my girls know that we are going to get in the car, drive to a back-country trail next to my dad’s house, carry baskets and boxes, and get down to business: picking blackberries! Once we’re home, I make wild blackberry jam the way my dad has taught me ever since I was a child. Here is the simplest and most delicious recipe to make your own wild blackberry jam.

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Is Your City in the Top 50 Swim Cities in the US?

Last week, the happy swimmers at USA Swimming and Speedo released a report on the top 50 swim cities in the US. Along the criteria, they picked number of accessible pools, numbers of swimmers, swim clubs and number of standout swimmers (that’s Olympians and elite swimmers). These cities take their swimming seriously and that’s a great […]

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Down the river

Whitewater Rafting with Kids

“That was fun!” yelled my two girls after our raft got completely washed over, “When’s the next rapid?” You’d think elementary school girls would prefer a playground playdate over paddling down a cold river but no. Whitewater rafting is all about getting tossed around and totally splashed, drying up in the warm sun, floating down a river gorge framed by trees, swimming down a rapid and passing local highlights. Pure. Liquid. Family fun.

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