A Family Canoe Adventure in the Lake District

Davy Crockett certainly knewwhat  he was doing more than us, but he had found the perfect way to explore waterways of the Canadian frontier. Canoes! A family canoe adventure is an ideal (and mildly physical way) to enjoy the colors of the Indian summer on a lake. If you’re looking for a lovely water activity where you navigate […]

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At the old haunted house

Halloween Picture Books For Kids

This Hallowen, get your hands on these fun picture books for kids and read about a few messy monsters, odd creatures and scary pumpkins. Yes, it’s that time of the year when witches and vampires become children’s most popular friends and when monsters and pumpkins get all the fun. Do you have a Halloween costume yet? Are you ready […]

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The magic of Halloween outdoors. Photo courtesy of KOA

Halloween and the Great Outdoors

For most families, Halloween is a walk down your neighborhood at twilight. To add a touch of outdoors magic, how about enjoying some time outdoors to see how little goblins and ghouls fare in the woods? Whether you’re camping out in October, doing nature crafts or telling ghost stories by the campfire, there are lots […]

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Down the river

Whitewater Rafting with Kids

“That was fun!” yelled my two girls after our raft got completely washed over, “When’s the next rapid?” You’d think elementary school girls would prefer a playground playdate over paddling down a cold river but no. Whitewater rafting is all about getting tossed around and totally splashed, drying up in the warm sun, floating down a river gorge framed by trees, swimming down a rapid and passing local highlights. Pure. Liquid. Family fun.

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