All photos courtesy of the Meeks Family. Their website: Do Try This At Home.

Meet the Meeks: A Family that Redefines Outdoors Adventures and Green Time

  Two weeks ago, the Meek family took the world by storm – much to their surprise and to great applaud. Newspapers, TVs and radios all over the world found in this British family of four, with two girls ages 8 and 10, the role models of our nature-deprived times. What the Meeks did was […]

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Frog Mom Writes For The National Geographic Education Blog

Last week was Geography Awareness Week and during that week, the National Geographic Education website organizes a blog-a-thon, featuring a different blog post on the importance of geography each day. The contributions included pieces on Rhode Island maps, the great nature sale, a trip to Mumbai, organic farming, being a geography major and my piece […]

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Credit: National Geographic

Hey Kids! Join National Geographic’s Geography Awareness Week

How do you raise young explorers and how do you inspire them to boldly go where no child has gone before? You open the door and let them walk out. You tell them about world explorers you admire. You get them involved with geography and let their natural curiosity do the rest. The National Geographic’s […]

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CARSON, CA - MARCH 29:  Mia Hamm looks on as her daughter plays with a ball prior to the match between the Washington Freedom and the Los Angeles Sol at The Home Depot Center on March 29, 2009 in Carson, California. (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

Mia Hamm Talks About Raising Active Kids and Staying Fit as a Parent

How do you raise active kids and stay fit as a parent while keeping a smile on your face? This is not a trick question, it’s something I ask myself regularly. To me an active lifestyle is part of a happy life because when you exercise your body feels better, you’re less stressed and you […]

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Learning how to read a map, an essential life skill for children

No GPS? No Problem. Teaching Kids How To Read A Map

Have you ever gotten lost? If you have, you know it’s not fun – sometimes scary – and one of your main concerns is probably that your kids never get lost either. Or that if they do get lost, they can find their way out. One obvious solution is to accompany your children everywhere and […]

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