IMG_1529 sweet chestnut and butternut squash soup

Sweet Chestnut and Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

  Foraging sweet chestnuts is loads of fun but what do you do with your loot once you get home? Since chestnut pillows are not particularly comfortable, I suggest eating them thar chestnuts as a hearty winter soup. This sweet chestnut and butternut squash soup recipe is the perfect cold weather warmer, the type of comfort […]

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From Trail To Table: Wild Blackberry Jam Recipe

Every summer, my girls know that we are going to get in the car, drive to a back-country trail next to my dad’s house, carry baskets and boxes, and get down to business: picking blackberries! Once we’re home, I make wild blackberry jam the way my dad has taught me ever since I was a child. Here is the simplest and most delicious recipe to make your own wild blackberry jam.

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Silver Dollar Pancakes Recipe

With only six ingredients, these bite-size silver dollar pancakes are the perfect start to a full day with the kids. Whether for a special occasion or for an active Sunday, they are easy to make and even easier to eat. The only challenge is to keep little hands off the plate as you arrange the pancakes in neat lines.

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'Tis the season for ancient fruit cakes.

Quince and Walnut Christmas Pudding Recipe

Christmas pudding divides dessert lovers into two groups – the haters and the nutters. My brothers can’t stand Christmas pudding and we grew up with it. My husband, I and many of my friends belong to the nutter group. I couldn’t celebrate the holidays without one, or two, or more Christmas puddings at home in […]

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Ready to eat after dinner

Recipe: Wild Crabapple Paste

Crabapple paste reminds me of quince paste or membrillo. Sweet and tart at the same time, this tasty morsel pairs as well with goat cheese at dinnertime as it does with a cup of green tea in the afternoon. Best of all, crabapples are usually free because nobody wants (to deal with) them. Cherry-size, too […]

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