The breakfast book - Dorset Cereals - oeufs cocotte

Recipe: Oeufs en Cocotte

In order to review Dorset Cereals’ The Breakfast Book, I experimented with a selection of their great recipes and this one ended up on my daughters’ shortlist. Even if it hadn’t, I might have selected it because my mom used to make oeufs en cocotte when I was a kid. In hindsight it’s remarkable that […]

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Shortbread heart lollipops, from Stacie Bakes cookbook. Photo courtesy of Stacie Bakes

Recipe: Shortbread Heart Lollipops

Shortbread + Heart + Lollipop – wait, what’s not to like exactly? When I asked my 9-year old what recipe from Stacie Bakes she wanted to feature, this one got the vote even if “you know it might be difficult to do all the pretty sugar decorations just like in the picture.” To tell the […]

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Candied grapefruit peel drying out on a rack in the kitchen

Easy Snack Recipe: Candied Pink Grapefruit Peel

The first time I tasted one of these babies was at Chez Panisse in Berkeley. It was heaven. Tangy and sweet, between jelly and fruit leather, the candied grapefruit peels were the perfect ending to a fine dinner with a cup of hot mint tea. I asked for seconds right away but you know how […]

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The Complete - ham, cheese and egg

Savory Buckwheat Crepes Recipe (Gluten-Free)

On Groundhog Day, we usually make galettes de sarrasin at home. Galettes de sarrasin, the French name for buckwheat crepes, are basically a food group in Brittany where they are served year-round with a side of salad and a bowl of hard cider. For us, it’s a typical Groundhog Day meal because Groundhog Day is also known […]

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Downtown Abbey Cookbook by Emily Ansara Baines. Published by Adams Media

Review and Recipes: The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook

Downton Abbey fans, you’re in for a treat! If you can’t get enough of the Dowager Countess of of Grantham, Lady Sibyl Crawley or Elsie Hughes, you can now replicate the atmosphere of the grand house around your dining table. When I first saw The Unoffficial Downton Abbey Cookbook, I was suspicious at best. There […]

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