Hot glue gun in action

Santa’s Workshop: How Children Can Make Their Own Toys

Elves making toys is the quintessential image of Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. It makes children dream and they order their presents to Santa with the assumption it will be lovingly assembled, nailed and painted by armies of busy elves with funny hats. Last year at our holiday party I had this crazy idea […]

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Aerobie Flying Ring - oops, missed again

Product Review + Giveway: Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring

Some kids are natural-born frisbee players. Others spend most their frisbee play-time securing their frisbee’s safe return after it landed in the neighbor’s backyard. I have one of each – an 8-year old girl who aims so well I take cover when she throws a book at me and a 7-year old girl whose eyesight I keep checking because she bumps into furniture and drops things but no says the doctor she sees fine, she’s just clumsy.

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