On the way to meet Father Christmas

Believe in the Magic at Lapland UK

My favorite Santa lives with Buddy the Elf at the North Pole or in Lapland, where elves build toys in white-washed Scandinavian cottages and eat candy canes year round. Yes it’s common knowledge the real Santa lives in a snowy landscape surrounded by elves. That’s why I’ve never been fond of seedy Santas waiting for […]

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CeeLo and The Muppets

Top 10 Festive Playlist To Kick Up Your Heels and Celebrate Around the Tree

Christmas music comes in many flavors: sickeningly sweet, dreamily nostalgic or furiously upbeat. I want to say that I prefer the latter but the truth is, a fine balance of all three works as long as it’s in small doses. Think homeopathic doses. Otherwise, I overload on festive tunes by mid-December and I’m ready to switch […]

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Festive colors on the holiday party buffet. Photo by Inga Lim

Tips, Recipes, Crafts and Songs for Holiday Parties with Children

I love holiday parties. Not the corporate kind in stiff cocktail attire with your colleagues. The festive kind at home with friends and their family, good food and music. Every year we throw a big holiday party at home and there are a few staples that come back year after year. People tell me they […]

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Countdown to zero!

Swimming in 3C/37F-Degree Water for the OSS December Dip

How do you feel about swimming in 3C/37F degree water in December in London – anyone? Hmm, I thought so. As a fellow swimmer told me before we jumped in, “They let you out for the day?” The lunatic asylum, he meant. The Outdoor Swimming Society‘s December Dip is now a legendary “festive season” London […]

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Hot glue gun in action

Santa’s Workshop: How Children Can Make Their Own Toys

Elves making toys is the quintessential image of Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. It makes children dream and they order their presents to Santa with the assumption it will be lovingly assembled, nailed and painted by armies of busy elves with funny hats. Last year at our holiday party I had this crazy idea […]

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