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Les Estagnous - Pyrenees
Chicken noodle soup tastes a lot better after a 5-hour hike with 4,500 elevation gain. In fact, even...
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Lighthouse Hikes Around the World
Lighthouses conjure up romantic images of sea exploration, rough weather in remote parts of the world...
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Ice Cream Trails Around the World
Here's a road trip idea that the whole family will love--ice cream trails! Following creameries,...
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Fish Food Adventures with Kids in Iceland
We didn't know that we were getting into fish food adventures in Iceland until after we'd landed. To...
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Cycling with Kids in Bangkok's Secret Jungle
Bangkok may not seem like an obvious candidate for cycling with kids in a jungle but thanks to years of...
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This post is part of a Free Unit Studies series and this week's theme is Road Trips. Road trips are...
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Snorkeling with Kids in Thailand | A Live Aquarium
If your family likes aquariums, snorkeling with kids in Thailand is a wonderful family experience for...
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Two years ago, I took my girls to Thailand on vacation and looked for family volunteering...
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