Family Backpacking in the Posets, Spanish Pyrenees

For our summer vacation, we took our girls and my dad on a 4-day family backpacking adventure in the Posets-Maladeta Massif in northern Spain. With 40 km/25m of trails, 2,500m/8,200ft elevation gain and 3,200m/10,500ft elevation loss, the trip was no cakewalk but the views were so spectacular and the streams so clear that we forgot all about […]

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Day Out in Normandy: Visit the Mont St Michel with Kids

Perched atop a tidal island rock, the Mont St Michel is the most visited monument in France outside of Paris. It used to be that pilgrims were the main visitors…in the 10th century. Back then, reaching the dramatic abbey was perilous business as many pilgrims got lost in the fog, were swept by tides rising as fast as a galloping horse, or ended up swallowed by quicksands. Today, the three million yearly visitors have it easy, but the Mont is still as mysterious and breathtaking as ever. I took my girls to visit the iconic medieval island and here are tips on getting there, things to do, where to eat and what to see.

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Snorkeling with Kids: Tips and Tricks

Snorkeling with kids is one of the easiest summer water activities you can do with children, but there’s a few tips and tricks to get it right. I took my girls snorkeling in Thailand this winter and I’ve never seen them so happy. Exploring the underwater world of a marine national park was a true discovery for them. Clown fish, moray eels, coral gardens, oh my!

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4 Family-Friendly Hikes in Crete

For brave souls who can tear themselves away from the beach, the Greek island of Crete offers beautiful trails to get in summer shape or just to see the island off the beaten path. I’ve selected four different hikes that range from short and easy (0.5 mile) to iconic and challenging (10 miles), then sorted them by theme so you can choose the one that fits your mood. Hit the trail!

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When Kids Grow Up On Tropical Islands Without Electronics

“They’re not attracted to the TV screen,” observed my 10-year old daughter in disbelief. Last week we stayed on the remote Thai island of Koh Phrathong where electricity only comes between sunset and 10 pm, so residents of Lions Village can socialize after dark. What my daughter said referred to the six village kids playing around her and her sister, ranging in age from three to 11 years. While adults next door gathered with sodas in front of a TV blaring Thai soap operas, kids simply played on. In fact, they spent hours with my girls with only hand gestures as a common language and it was one of the best times my girls had on the island.

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