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Bear Grylls Log 2

Bear Grylls Survival Academy Opens 24-Hour Family Course In The US

Adventurer and family man Bear Grylls has become the world reference in survival skills and outdoor adventure. Inspired by his adventures, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy offers outdoor camps designed to channel your inner Davy Crockett-meets-Indiana Jones and teach you a thing or two about surviving in the wild. Formerly only available in the UK, the BG Survival Academy now comes to the US (New York’s Catskills and California’s Yosemite) and there’s a 24-hour Family Camp option.

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Quick Outdoors Escapes in South Florida

Florida, sunshine state – they got that part right. As soon as I landed at the Miami Airport, I got my sunglasses out. Here we were in the middle of January and the sun was shining on palm trees, lush sidewalks and impeccable islands of luxury. In my hotel bedroom at Coral Springs, I stashed away my winter down jacket. The only problem was, I was’t on vacation. I was a part-time tourist, working from dawn to mid-afternoon from my hotel bedroom. After that, I felt an irresistible urge to escape to tropical waters, breathe some fresh air and get my body active. Hours of sitting in front of a computer will do that to you. I grabbed a map at the hotel business center and checked some brochures. Swimming, biking, kayaking, hiking, shore diving – oh my! This was going to be exciting.

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Pancake Breakfast at the West Point Inn

The Pancake Hike – How Mount Tam Makes Trail Breakfast Exciting

Most people eat breakfast before hitting the trail and I can’t blame them for that – hiking on an empty stomach can lead me to thoughts of the murderous kind. Some people eat breakfast on the trail – as in “eat your cereals, kid” or lumberjack-style, bringing a griddle and chopping a tree to fry […]

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Hitting the slopes - notice the crowds :)

Family Winter Fun at Mount Shasta and McCloud

Second highest volcano in the US – check. Ski resort, sledding hill and cool bookstores – check, check, check. No crowds or lines – check and double check. Well then, what are the snow bunnies waiting for? Aaaah, I know. It’s the drive, isn’t it? Yes, it’s a long drive up I-5 but wait til […]

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Waiting for whales on the boat

Whale Watching with Children at the Farallon Islands (Video)

“There goes the tail!” said the naturalist on board of our whale watching boat off the Farallon Islands. The kids were glued to the sides of the boat, waiting for Moby Dick to resurface and wave at us with its giant fin. Think about that – the largest mammals on earth, barnacle-encrusted animals who travel […]

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