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Swimming Classes Are For Adults Too, Even If They Can Swim

Last night, I went to a swim class for female adults. It’s an improvement class just above the beginner class to improve swim technique or to learn a new stroke. There’s only three of us, each one with a different goal. My goal is to improve my technique so I can do endurance swims. The second woman wants to get fitter and to swim for health. The last woman wants her 7-year daughter to be happy. Until now, she couldn’t play with her daughter in the deep end of the pool because she was scared she wasn’t a good-enough swimmer. This semester, she is taking time off, at her kid’s bedtime, to brave winter temps at night and get in a pool with total strangers.

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Quick Outdoors Escapes in South Florida for the Part-Time Tourist

Florida, sunshine state – they got that part right. As soon as I landed at the Miami Airport, I got my sunglasses out. Here we were in the middle of January and the sun was shining on palm trees, lush sidewalks and impeccable islands of luxury. In my hotel bedroom at Coral Springs, I stashed away my winter down jacket. The only problem was, I was’t on vacation. I was a part-time tourist, working from dawn to mid-afternoon from my hotel bedroom. After that, I felt an irresistible urge to escape to tropical waters, breathe some fresh air and get my body active. Hours of sitting in front of a computer will do that to you. I grabbed a map at the hotel business center and checked some brochures. Swimming, biking, kayaking, hiking, shore diving – oh my! This was going to be exciting.

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How To Enjoy The Beach When The Weather Gets Cold(er)

Who says you have to give up beach trips after the kids are back in the classroom? Yes, beach days usually rhymes with summertime but healthy outdoorsy kids are wired-up to extend the shelf life of their swim suits in the colder months. As parents, we like to bundle up our children til they resemble […]

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Fit for fishes ages 6 to 14

Swimming Gear Review: Speedo Futura Biofuse Junior

My 8-year likes to go by the book. If her toothpaste says “Ages 6 and under”, she pauses and tells me she can’t use it anymore even though she really likes it. When we got her a new pair of swimming goggles, the first thing she looked for was her age range. The Speedo Futura […]

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What would Jane Austen think?

Swimming with Mr. Darcy

For once I’ll write out of my parenting zone because my morning swim in the Serpentine came with a 12-foot surprise today. From afar it looked like a giant Jesus or a standing Buddha walking in the lake. I even made fun of it with my friend Alex who’s a yoga teacher and thought a […]

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