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A day at the beach with kids is a wonderful way to enjoy the best of what summer has to offer....
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Snorkeling with Kids in Thailand | A Live Aquarium
If your family likes aquariums, snorkeling with kids in Thailand is a wonderful family experience for...
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Big chill swim cover pic
Winter is when cold water and ice swimmers get super excited. You can get cold  and wet with total...
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Dart 10K swim, check! While swimming 10 kilometers/6.2 miles sounds daunting in distance, the Dart10K is...
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The Bosphorus Cross-Continental swim from Asia to Europe is a rare treat for open water swimmers....
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Swimming the Defi de Monte Cristo is on many swimmers' bucket list, if only for the magnificent...
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Spring is here, bring out the boats! While the water is still a bit nippy for a family swim, it's...
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Swimming the English Channel is a great adventure, one I never thought I'd be able to witness, let...
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