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Is Your City in the Top 50 Swim Cities in the US?

Last week, the happy swimmers at USA Swimming and Speedo released a report on the top 50 swim cities in the US. Along the criteria, they picked number of accessible pools, numbers of swimmers, swim clubs and number of standout swimmers (that’s Olympians and elite swimmers). These cities take their swimming seriously and that’s a great […]

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Canyoneering with Kids: Tips for Beginners

Canyoneering with kids, ever tried it? This adventure sport, born in France, blends walking, scrambling, swimming, climbing, and abseiling skills to traverse canyons. It’s an amazing way to explore gorgeous backcountry areas that would normally be impossible to access. For kids, it’s a epic day and a fun way to do something different with a dose of adrenaline. Let me give you a few tips for beginners so that you can discover this new activity with your family.

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Water Adventure: On Swimming the English Channel, Almost

We were going to attempt swimming 21 miles of the busiest strait on the planet, slower than a man can walk, with just our swimsuits, a swim cap and goggles. The good? We were swimming to raise money for charity. The bad? Cold water, rough seas, busy shipping lanes, strong tides, seasickness, flotsam and possibly jellyfish. The ugly? After 15 hours and 30 minutes of swimming, we turned back to England without touching France.

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English Channel Swim: Training in Bournemouth

Two Sundays before our relay swim across the English Channel to support Medecins Sans Frontieres, I took the family down to Bournemouth for a last sea swim. It was the perfect opportunity to go for another double dip, these swims where you swim an hour, get out and dry an hour, get back in for […]

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English Channel Swim: Choosing My Battles

Three weeks from the start of my English Channel adventure, I’ve been choosing my battles and prioritizing. There’s only so much you can do in three weeks when you prep for an athletic event. Right now, the right strategy to get the job done when the moment comes means swimming outside in the coldest water there is. For better or worse, water temperature has become an obsession.

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