Winter Fun and Sports

Hitting the slopes - notice the crowds :)

Family Winter Fun at Mount Shasta and McCloud

Second highest volcano in the US – check. Ski resort, sledding hill and cool bookstores – check, check, check. No crowds or lines – check and double check. Well then, what are the snow bunnies waiting for? Aaaah, I know. It’s the drive, isn’t it? Yes, it’s a long drive up I-5 but wait til […]

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Let's have some snow fun!

Quiet and Rowdy Snow in London

Snow in London is quiet. Quiet like almost no cars on the streets because it’s snowy-slippery. Quiet like muffled footsteps and low volume conversations on snowy sidewalks. Quiet like Dickens’ London where “it was cold, bleak, biting weather; foggy withal.” That kind of quiet. It’s also crazy rowdy like hundreds of people laughing so hard on […]

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Honey, were the chains on the car?

Choosing the Right Snow Tires for Your Next Snow Adventure

I’ve been known to drive a car on snowy roads until we skidded into a snow bank and had a fright. That wasn’t smart and we were lucky but I won’t do it again. I’ve also been known to wake up my better half at 11.30pm while he was sleeping through a snow blizzard in […]

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Countdown to zero!

Swimming in 3C/37F-Degree Water for the OSS December Dip

How do you feel about swimming in 3C/37F degree water in December in London – anyone? Hmm, I thought so. As a fellow swimmer told me before we jumped in, “They let you out for the day?” The lunatic asylum, he meant. The Outdoor Swimming Society‘s December Dip is now a legendary “festive season” London […]

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Alaskan Husky

When The Wild Calls: Dogsledding with Children

They bring up images of Jack London’s novel in the Yukon during the 10th century Klondike Gold Rush, images of the extreme dog sled race Iditarod taking place over 1,150 miles of Alaska’s roughest wildest terrain. Alaskan huskies are magical animals. Trained to run 100 miles a day, they are unparalleled in speed for sled racing. Part wolf, […]

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