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    > 10 Nature Craft Ideas

    10 Nature Craft Ideas

    Maggy, from the amazing crafts blog (and YouTube channel) Red Ted Art, shares 10 nature craft ideas that will inspire your family to spend a day outside and use natural materials for fun activities. Not only does Maggy really love being outside with her kids, but she has a knack for turning any day out into a hands-on crafts session. From trail nature art to a beach day’s driftwood rattle, she never runs out of ideas and her easy DIYs have garnered the following of over 1.4 million parents, teachers and carers. Thanks Maggy for sharing your ideas on Frog Mom.

    10 Nature Craft Ideas

    10 Nature Craft Ideas

    So lovely to be here today and share some of our favourite crafting activities. There is nothing better than getting outside and into the great outdoors. We adore getting outside, finding things to craft with and then having a go at easy nature crafts for kids! If you can’t get into the great outdoors, maybe you can get closer to nature with some fun and thrifty garden ideas perfect for big or small gardens and are just what you need to inspire your children? So get outdoors, get dirty, see what you can find and marvel at the natural world around you.

    Here are a few of my favorite ideas!

    1. This Grass Heads craft will have your little gardener waking up before you, anxious to see how much “hair” has sprouted. It will fill them with wonder and a bit of pride to see their creation growing.
    2. This Four Seasons Nature Art is the perfect project to revisit throughout the year. Incorporate nature walks and have your little explorer collect and bring home bits of twigs, leaves, and moss (make sure they leave the bugs outside.) Create masterpieces with these little goodies and every season will provide you a unique assortment of supplies.
    3. Your little ones will love wrapping yarn around sticks to make these colorful Flower God’s Eye. Super simple to make, this craft will provide long hours of endless creative fun while working on fine motor skills too!
    4. Sand between your toes, the smell of the ocean, and the little ones running around is a perfectly relaxing day at the seashore. Collect supplies to take home and try this Driftwood Rattle when you. Everything you need can be found on the beach!
    5. Here is another great beach day craft to put all those beautiful shells to use. The Shell Mobile is a beautiful addition to your home hanging at the front door, back door, or somewhere in the garden. Keep those good beach feelings and memories alive with this great project.
    6. Making awesome necklaces is a stone’s throw away with this Easy Stone Pendants Once again, this craft provides an excellent excuse to get out of the house and get your little tikes on the hunt for supplies. Once at home, they can paint and decorate the stones any way they want before showing off their hard work in a fantastic necklace.
    7. I particularly love the Stone Tic Tac Toe version of this classic game. I always run out of space on paper and feel guilty about the reams of paper I go through while playing. Now we have unique game pieces that we can use over and over again!
    8. Your “little architect” will love designing and building these Nature Fairy Houses. You don’t have to go much further than your own garden or local park. The simple design is easy enough for the youngest aspiring architect and the older crowd can create more complex designs. No matter what, young or old, fun is guaranteed.
    9. Ever dream of being Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer on a home-made raft and drifting down the river? With this Twig Boat Craft you can create an awesome raft and any stream or even a puddle will become an adventure.
    10. Easy Pinecone Weaving for young kids is a fun and simple way to create beautiful works of art. All you need are some pipe-cleaners, yarn, or scraps of fabric (or all three for the truly inspired). Your little one will love getting to find and bring home the pinecones too!

    I hope you found something you can’t wait to try and are inspired to get outdoors! I would love to see you over at Red Ted Art sometime soon!

    Check out Red Ted Art on YouTube – fab craft videos for Teens and Tweens!

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