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    > 12 Outdoors Adventures to Inspire Children To Be Active Outside

    12 Outdoors Adventures to Inspire Children To Be Active Outside

    Need some ideas to jazz up your summer days with kids away from electronics? Here is a sampler of outdoors adventures tried and approved by my girls, ages 7 and 9. You see, outdoors is a something we do a lot in our spare time and not just because I love it. Actually what I dread most in the world as the mom of two active girls is a whole day inside. Sure inside time is relaxing but that’s only for the first hour. Any longer and my girls get a bad case of cabin fever, turned into bickering monsters who slam doors and are bored unless they’re watching TV or playing video games. It just gives me the chills. I decide to say NO to cabin fever – let’s go outside!

    Though my girls are sometimes reluctant to go outside – you know, the weather being what it is – inside is not where they belong. These girls need to jump, bounce, run, skip, climb, roll – they’re never happier than outside, preferably with their friends. For their sanity and mine, I make a point of taking them outside every single weekend and engage in new adventures or recurring activities that they enjoy. I’ll keep adding activities to that list so it represents a good range of outdoors adventures for school-age kids.

    Since this post is a slideshow, simply click on a photo and read the full description for ideas and (some) tutorials.

    Kids! Thrive and be active  – it’s the secret to a happy and long life.

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