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Halloween in London - kids in costume in front of pub in Fulham
My girls grew up in San Francisco and for them, Halloween is the biggest celebration of the year (with...
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Windermere Swim
This is the account of my solo swim across the length of Windermere - as it happened in July 2019. If...
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Shampoo bars
At home, we talk a lot about the environment and how we can improve the way we live to protect nature....
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Refuge Wallon Marcadau
Once a year, my family goes on a week-long summer holiday in the Pyrenees, the mountain range straddling...
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Swiss arboretum
A stone's throw from Lake Geneva, up in the hills where mountain streams flow free, the Arboretum...
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First Aid Course
Four years ago, my father was airlifted from a mountain in the Pyrenees with a sprained ankle. Such a...
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Spruce Tip Cake
Eating Christmas trees has always intrigued me. I came close a few years ago by making Douglas Fir...
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The Surin Islands, also known as Mu Ko Surin National Park, are an archipelago of five islands in the...
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