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Orange cake
In my dad's garden in rural southern France, I love following the seasons based on which fruit or plants...
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Vineyards in Occitanie
Lockdown hiking in France is an exercise in extreme proximity, in rediscovering the smaller things and...
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Swarm of wild bees
Bees are some of the most important animals on our planet and yet, like so many other species, their...
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Hot cross buns with Buddha's hand, orange peel
For Easter Sunday 2020 at breakfast, I wanted to eat hot cross buns with a smile on my face before...
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Diagon Alley - Harry Potter Studios
Expelliarmus! This was the extent of my Harry Potter spell knowledge until last week and I even spelled...
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Egrets and wild elephant, Kui Buri National Park, Thailand
In October 2019, while staying in Hua Hin in Thailand with my 14-year-old daughter, I looked for local...
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Stairs on ramparts, Mont St Michel
Famously rising from its tidal bay, the Mont St Michel is an island abbey that has attracted pilgrims in...
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Spiced pumpkin jam recipe
Cooking with pumpkins is a daunting task for many. What do you do with pumpkins? Before I moved to San...
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