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    > Autumn Outdoors Checklist

    Autumn Outdoors Checklist

    autumn outdoors checklist

    Even before the calendar shows September 23, I start thinking about what we are going to do outdoors with my girls during the autumn season. The change of seasons is an amazing way to look forward to what’s coming next, both in nature and in the city. For instance, trees are already turning yellow and red at our local park and I’ve spotted crab apples and rosehips in two or three spots (foraging in my future, yum!). It won’t be long before the countryside is a riot of crimson colors and dead leaves and then we’ll go on a few fall foliage hikes to enjoy the sound of rustling dead leaves underfoot.

    Since we live in a big city, my checklist includes stuff that we can do easily during the week in a city without going too much out of our way and larger-scale activities to occupy an Indian summer Sunday or a long weekend. There’s also Halloween (or Samhain, if you channel your inner Celtic pagan) and Thanksgiving, two fantastic feasts that mark the season like no others. In fact, both could be celebrated with activities outdoors with friends and family without missing anything. Last but not least, I’m a food lover and a seasonal checklist would be no good without a few things to taste and enjoy the bounty of the fall. That’s where apples, mushrooms and sweet chestnuts come in.

    Without further ado, this is my autumn outdoors checklist!

    What is yours like?

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