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    > The Best Hiking and Backpacking Gifts | 2016

    The Best Hiking and Backpacking Gifts | 2016

    As a family advocate for the outdoors, FrogMom spends a lot of time in nature with her children, hiking and backpacking through the seasons. In 2016, we have tested a lot of really cool gear for the outdoors but not all have been retained for this list. Some, unfortunately, didn’t live up to our expectations and lasted only one trip. To be fair to my readers and save them the same trouble, I’ve decided to only mention the products and gear that lasted the distance and that can make the outdoorsy family in your life happy. Without further ado, the best hiking and backpacking gifts of 2016!

    Best hiking and backpacking gear 2016

    * This post contains affiliate links.

    Aquapac Waterproof Smartphone Case

    Aquapac iphone Waterproof Case

    As soon as it starts drizzling on an iPhone or as soon as it starts getting damp (waterfall, seaside), it’s game over for pictures and videos. I love how light and easy to use this waterproof case is, to take pics whatever the weather and even underwater (I’ve used it swimming a few times and even done underwater videos with fun aquatic sounds).

    Get it here: US ; UK

    Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel


    Cheap, lightweight and compact, this firesteel makes the best stocking filler for outdoor enthusiasts. Firesteel is a low-cost and efficient option to create sparks and light a fire anywhere, even in the rain and in the snow. Where matches get wet, firesteel still creates sparks and I can attest to its efficiency. Last winter, we had a blast with my girls using home-made lint firestarters to light a fire in a snowed-in forest. It took us 5 minutes to understand how to position the blade to get sparks but once we did, boy were we in business. Totally recommend this firesteel for hiking and camping.

    Get it here: US |UK

    Swedish Army Folding Cup

    Swedish Cup

    Some hikers and backpackers love to carry their own cup for hydrating in the outdoors. I’m one of those. As much as I love tin cups (and I do love them), they’re bulky and the paint can chip when hitting rough surfaces. I absolutely love the concept of this folding cup that doesn’t take a lot of space in a backpack, is really cheap, only weighs 26g/1 oz and can hold enough liquid to quench a thirst. Plus, it’s virtually indestructible.

    Get it here: US ; UK

    Kiehl’s Hand Salve


    Anybody who spends time outside needs a good hand salve to moisturize after a good day out. As many, I tend to get “crocodile skin” in the winter and hand creams are one of my body care indulgences. Kiehl’s makes a great hand salve and this holiday season, the iconic NY cosmetics brand partnered with artistic duo FAILE to create limited edition “Baby Give Back” products whose net profits will help provide meals to families through Feeding America in the US. (I love when you can get quality products and give back at the same time.) Plus, the light eucalyptus oil scent is very pleasant and the salve isn’t greasy. As it covers a lot, a dollop goes a long way in moisturizing active hands.

    Disclaimer: Kiehl’s provided a sample for review purposes.

    Get it here: US

    Mpow Fisheye Lens, Wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens – 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Kit

    MPow Clip

    For really cool photo effects with your smartphones, you can use photo editing apps but there are some things they can’t do for you. Have you ever wondered how Instagram is full of great close-up shots of plants or flowers taken with smartphones? That’s thanks to small clip-on lenses like the Mpow lens kit. All you have to do is clip them on the smartphone’s camera and you can play around with objects, landscapes, textures and wildlife. I’ve ever been able to photograph a snowflake with the macro lens, something my iPhone SE wouldn’t have been able to handle otherwise. Pretty neat, right?

    Get it here: US | UK

    Hillsound Armadillo Gaiters


    Gaiters are a must-have for anyone who hikes or backpacks through mud, rain, snow or (spiky thorny) brush, both to keep your feet dry inside your boots and to protect your lower legs. These tough Armadillo Gaiters are extremely waterproof (to 20,000mm, which covers heavy rain, snow and high pressure), which makes sense for a brand from British Columbia, Canada. These people know about mountains and snow! Given that they’re designed for endurance and tough terrains (including when using crampons), these gaiters are relatively lightweight. I mean, they’re comfortable, neither stiff nor heavy and yet, they are really sturdy. They’re also easy to put on (front zipper and flap, hurrah!), always a plus when bad weather descends on you at lightning speed. With these gaiters, I’m not afraid of Scotland anymore.

    Disclaimer: Hillsound provided a sample for review purposes.

    Get them here: US (if you’re outside the US, they ship internationally.)

    Micro Case for Camera

    Pelican Micro Case 1010

    I have a trusted Canon PowerShot S95 that’s been my faithful hiking and backpacking companion since I started my hiking guidebook. One day, its viewing screen was crushed inside a cabin luggage that EasyJet staff insisted on checking in at the gate. Thanks, EasyJet. Long story short, I now protect my camera in this Pelican case that works in all types of wet weather or wet activities (including kayaking and canoeing), as well as in rough conditions (such as rock climbing or caving). For the outdoorsy types in your life who like to rough it, this case will protect their camera. Choose the right size for each camera.

    Get it here: US | UK

    The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries from A Secret World

    The Hidden Life of Trees

    2016’s groundbreaking nature discovery was the fact that trees can communicate between themselves, using their own underground forest networks. In The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben, a German forester, describes natural forests from the perspective of the trees, mixing scientific facts with storytelling techniques. This book will delight all treehuggers who suspected, all along, that the Wood-Wide Web was a thing.

    Get it here: US | UK

    Bird Lovers

    For young bird lovers, check out this list featuring books, binoculars, bird-feeders and more.

    Happy Holidays! 


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