Black Diamond Moji Lantern (Review)



As days are getting shorter, enjoying the outdoors means packing a light of sorts in your backpack to get the kids home safely should you stray from the path. We love a good headlamp but lanterns win the cool award with my girls as they can hang them. After testing it over the summer, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00PRQ0OPS” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”frmo0a-20″ localize=”y” popups=”y”]Black Diamond Moji Lantern[/easyazon_link] is certainly a winner for my family. Whether on camping trips or to have a compact emergency light at home, the Moji is now a staple for us. Here’s my review after backpacking and camping trips in the mountains of southern France. That would be the Pyrenees and it’s only the start of a long and happy life outdoors for this lantern.


What I love about this lantern.

  • Simple to operate. Only one button that acts as on/off and dimmer.
  • Compact. Blob-shaped, it measures 3 x 3 x 2.5 inches and fits into an adult-size hand.
  • Water-resistant. Definitely handy if you drop it in water or if it rains at your camp.
  • Durable. Made out of polycarbonate, it can withstand rough handling.
  • Bright. 100 lumens bright. That’s a lot of brightness packed in a small lantern.
  • Two collapsible hooks. Great for hanging anywhere. You can also slip your fingers under a hook to carry it around as you would a storm lantern.
  • Cheap. It’s very fair for what you get.


What my girls loved.

  • It’s super cute, it is true. It’s also quite soft to the touch with no sharp angles–a solid soft blob, then.
  • The lime color we picked is great and makes it very easy to spot in our bags.
  • With the dimmer, they can use the lantern to read a few pages of their book before bedtime in the tent.
  • It’s large enough that if they search for it in the dark at night (to go pee at night), they’ll find it.
  • It’s sturdy enough that they don’t have to worry about breaking it. Neither do I.
  • With the hooks, it hangs perfectly from tent ceilings or nails in a wall or beam (think shepherd hut, youth hostel or refuge).
  • You can’t beat one button for user-friendliness.


What I don’t like as much.

  • Energy efficiency. Battery operated. I wish there was a USB-charging option. It’s such a small cool lamp.
  • Weight. With 3 AAA batteries, it weighs 120g (4 oz) which is a lot if you backpack. A gain, a rechargeable lithium battery like they ones used for bike lights would save some weight.

Given the great functionalities of the lantern, I’d say that the minuses are pure luxury and quite minor.



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Laure Latham

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