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    > Books My Girls Are Reading: A Bear Called Padddington and The Thief Lord

    Books My Girls Are Reading: A Bear Called Padddington and The Thief Lord

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    Books My Girls Are Reading is a short column in the weekly Frog Mom newsletter that tells readers exactly what my girls are reading right now. It’s not long, it’s more like a bedtime read update. It features a book per girl, though my 9-year old is such a voracious reader that she should in all fairness get 5 books a week. This particular column was published in the Frog Mom newsletter on October 17, 2012.

    For the 7-year old: A Bear Called Paddington, 50th Anniversary Edition

    By Michael Bond

    Published by Harper Collins

    What better introduction to London than the bear from Darkest Peru? Our 50th anniversary edition gathers various stories that all delight my little girl at bedtime. She’s even inspired – not to eat marmalade sandwiches – but to try new things. Today after school she asked me a funny question, “Mommy, can I have breakfast in bed on the weekend like Paddington?”

    For my 9-year old: The Thief Lord

    By Cornelia Funke

    Published by Scholastic

    I’ve finally understood my 9-year old’s obsession with Venice – The Thief Lord is the story of runaway boys who live in an abandoned theater in Venice with a group of orphans led by … a boy who declares himself the Thief Lord. Part mystery, part fantasy, this novel by Cornelia Funke seems to be a great read.


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