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    > Books My Girls Are Reading: The Magic Faraway Tree and The Adventure Island series

    Books My Girls Are Reading: The Magic Faraway Tree and The Adventure Island series

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    Books My Girls Are Reading is a short column in the weekly Frog Mom newsletter that tells readers exactly what my girls are reading right now. It’s not long, it’s more like a bedtime read update. It features a book per girl, though my 9-year old is such a voracious reader that she should in all fairness get 5 books a week. This particular column was published in the Frog Mom newsletter on October 31, 2012.

    For my 7-year old: The Magic Faraway Tree

    By Enid Blyton

    Published by Oakhill Publishing

    My 7-year old asked me to google “the Faraway Tree” yesterday so she could go there. It’s in Enchanted Wood where Moonface, Saucepan Man and Silky Fairy live. Sounds like her kind of place.

    For my 9-year old: Adventure Island Series

    By Helen Moss

    Published by Orion Children’s Books

    Described as “the Famous Five meets Artemis Fowl”, this series was recommended by a librarian who said “if your girl’s read Enid Blyton, she’ll like this.” Indeed my 9-year old is going through each title like lightning. The first one was The Mystery of the Whistling Caves, then The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost. She’s now reading The Mystery of the Hidden Gold. Great for young adventure seekers.

    3 thoughts on “Books My Girls Are Reading: The Magic Faraway Tree and The Adventure Island series

    1. Hello! I just came across your posting of my book The Mystery of the Whistling Caves – I’m so pleased that your nine-year old daughter is enjoying the Adventure Island series – and I’m thrilled to see my cover alongside The Faraway Tree – one of my favourite books as a kid! Thank you.

      I then starting reading your fascinating blog and really enjoying it. Welcome to London! When my kids were younger we spent a lot of time on the West Coast of USA and did a lot of walking- I could really have used your hiking book in those days!
      best wishes,

      1. Oh Helen, what a treat to read your words! I’ll tell my little girl when I pick her up from school, she’ll be so happy. Thank you for writing the books, we are so happy we found out about them. Laure

        1. Thank you. If your daughter is interested, there is a fun website to go with the books at – there is also a mystery story writing competition running there, if she enjoys creative writing and would like to enter (I read her report of the paralympics trip on your blog and can tell she is a very talented writer!)

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