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Swinley Forest
I cannot keep silent anymore. It's been going for too long and it's driving me nuts. Mental health...
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In Japanese, Fuubutsushi (風物詩) translates as “a poet’s reminder of a specific season,” a...
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Log Cabin
What on earth would you do if a porcupine watched you at night? Ever since A Little House on the...
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Swimming can lead to many fine projects, one of which is a triathlon that I am doing in two weeks to...
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Forclaz Trek 700
Last spring, I looked for a new backpacking backpack for my 12-year-old. She had outgrown all our junior...
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Wild Swimming Kids
A few years ago, I was interviewed with other ice swimmers by ARA, the Catalan newspaper, on what we...
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Bay Area
Good food, blankets, green grass, fun friends, sunny skies –picnics are the very essence of lazy...
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Beach Clean Up
Attention, ocean loving moms! This Mother's Day, or for any special occasion such as a birthday, how...
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