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After an exhilarating zip line ride in snowy trees, we are leaving Vermont with a last hurrah -- a visit...
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Snow! Yesterday's rain made a Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour very appealing. Overnight, temps dropped...
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Robert Frost
It's time this New England trip started to cater to teenagers. On day 3 of our travels chasing fall...
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After exploring Plymouth and Cape Code, we continue our New England trip and drive to Vermont, breaking...
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New England
First day in New England after arriving late on the previous night from London, UK. Based in Plymouth in...
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Bran Castle
Around Halloween, the sight of fake Dracula victims wouldn't be out of place in leafy American suburbs...
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Moat Swim
Moats are unusual bodies of water to swim in. Their medieval origin and formerly defensive use are great...
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Broomfield Apple Farm
In my blog post Pick Your Own Apple Farms Near London, I start with Broomfield Apple Farm in Kent, one...
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