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    > Win CLIF Bars with Frog Mom!

    Win CLIF Bars with Frog Mom!

    Get outside and dream up a fun game to play. You could win big! CLIF Kid® launched their 2nd Annual Backyard Game of the Year Contest. I am proud to announce that CLIF invites Frog Mom families to participate to the backyard game and win even more through an exclusive Frog Mom giveaway!

    CLIF Backyard Game

    Once again kids ages 6 – 12 are invited to invent their very own backyard game idea for a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship, a Marin bicycle and Bell helmet and a trip to San Francisco. What better incentive to go outside and have fun? The winning game will be reproduced and donated to the Children & Nature Network, the network created by author Richard Louv who advocates more outdoors time for a healthy childhood.

    Each proposed game should be created and played by kids age 6-12. There doesn’t need to be any fancy equipment, just basic things like balls and hula-hoops. What’s really needed is kids’ creativity! This is a great chance to invent the game that kids will play for hours all over the country!

    Past winners: included a sponge ball fill-up, an exploratory matching game called Nature to Nature or a strategic tag game called Eagle’s Nest. All backyard fun is good!

    Deadline: no entries will be received after June 17, 2012.

    Winners: the top 6 finalists will be notified by email or phone on or before June 30, 2012, and then flown to San Francisco in July 2012 where they will present their games to the judges.

    Read all the crunchy details here.

    Frog Mom CLIF Bars Giveaway

    To make the Clif Backyard Game even more enticing for Frog Mom families and get kids excited about outdoors fun, CLIF is offering to two lucky readers a total package of 1 dozen assorted CLIF Kid snacks and 1 dozen assorted adult CLIF snacks – that’s 4 dozen bars for 2 readers. Guys, these bars are great snacks for hikes, picnics, days at the beach or simply playground fun. They’ll include my favorite  (Mojo bars) along with CLIF Crunch crunchy granola bars and regular CLIF Bars. No need to enter the Backyard Game Contest to win these bars!

    To enter the Frog Mom giveaway, all you need to:

    • Enter a comment below on your favorite backyard game as a kid. Please remember to include your name and email address so I can contact the winners at the end.
    • Live in the US.
    Additional entries when you:
    • Sign up for the Frog Mom newsletter if you haven’t already done so on the home page of Frog Mom
    • Become a Frog Mom Facebook fan
    • Follow @frogmomblog on Twitter
    • Tweet your participation to the Frog Mom giveaway
    For all of the above additional entries, please let me know in the comments so I can keep track.

    Deadline: a month before the deadline of the backyard game, that’s Thursday May 17 at noon PST.

    Winners: will be chosen via Random Picker over the weekend of May 19-20 and announced in the following Frog Mom newsletter and on the Frog Mom Facebook page. You will have 48 hours to get back to me to accept your prize, failing which I’ll choose the next person on the list.

    3 thoughts on “Win CLIF Bars with Frog Mom!

    1. Dear Frog Mom,
      My favorite backyard game as a child happens to be the long forbidden, definitely deemed unsafe, extremely foolhardy, yet absolutely thrilling game of lawn darts! There was nothing better than to charge out with target hoops and darts in hand, mothers’ concerned voice from the kitchen, becoming fainter with every bounding step.
      Why the game’s manufacturers could not foresee a child’s swift frustration with the miniscule confines of the target hoops is beyond me, and so in our backyard (as in millions of others), we took the liberty of expanding the game to include many other targets, both fixed, and um, moving, into the play of the game. Let me tell you, there was nothing as heart-pounding and terrifying as looking up to the sky and waiting until the very last second to dodge a rapidly descending lawn dart! My mother often shared these same intense emotions with us!
      Eventually this perilous and highly reckless game was finally banned…leaving one to wonder, what were they ever thinking in the first place!

      1. Love this! Of course, I should have thought about such a good backyard game. My brothers favorite activity for a while was to climb on the roof of the neighbor and watch him and his wife sunbathing – in the nude! Once that got banned – go figure – we got hooked on rolling down the dirt slope of the slump above our house. Totally thrilling, no tools necessary – and practically our backyard since nobody was watching.

    2. Our favorite lawn game was runnign thru the sprinklers especially on hot days. My brother and sister and I would play in the sprinklers for an hour or two and some years we ahd a slip and slide that was also fun. Now our yard does not grass since we are trying to water conservative but I do miss those days. Kids can go now to the giant water slide parks but before that we just had the simple sprinkler

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