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    > Clothing Review: Odlo Thermals for Children – Outdoors Winter Fun

    Clothing Review: Odlo Thermals for Children – Outdoors Winter Fun

    Odlo base layer

    Dressing children for winter is simple as long as you follow the onion rule – layer up. Base layer, mid layer, shell. Whether your family skies, sleds down hills or walks in the winter, layers keep everyone happy. Whenever I prepare my girls to go out for a winter hike or a ski day, I always have them wear thermal underwear as the first base layer to keep them warm and dry. They may shed layers as they get active and warm outside, but this one they’ll always keep against their skin and that’s what matters. I don’t want them to catch a cold and for that, the underwear brand Odlo is my top choice.

    Based in Switzerland, Odlo uses classic designs and modern fabrics to create functional sportswear for children and adults. Functional is key, obviously, but to me, base layers for children also need the following specifications – comfort, warmth and moisture-wicking materials. That’s why cotton as a base layer is never a good idea in the winter as it retains the moisture and makes you cold after a sweat. Odlo creates technical materials that regulate moisture, preserve body temperature and protect from the cold.

    Both my girls have a top and a bottom from Odlo – pants and long-sleeve shirt. If they weren’t comfortable, I guarantee my girls wouldn’t keep them on all day. If there’s one thing they hate, it’s feeling encumbered by their clothing outside. When they’re out and about, they need to be able to run, climb or bend over freely without restrictions. Their Odlo thermals are so comfy that they sometimes keep them as PJs in the evening. If you camp in colder climates, you’ll be happy that these thermals double up as PJs because it’s one less item to pack in your backpack.

    You don’t even have to be afraid about the smell. The crafty people at Odlo have created an odor-reducing material so that thermals can be worn a couple days in a row without you having to open all windows.

    In my experience, these thermals are a winner because they are

    • stretchy
    • thin enough to fit under pants
    • thick enough to keep small bodies warm
    • machine-washable
    • smooth against the skin
    • no thrills

    Basically, a set will last you all winter and since they are stretchy, maybe another cold season too. I found my Odlo thermals in sports stores but they also have an online shop. They’re ready for the first snowflakes of the season. Forget bulky fleece or cold cotton base layers. High quality thermal underwear is the way to go to keep kids active and healthy outdoors all winter long.

    Now, have fun with your snowmen!

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