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    1. Dear Laure,
      I followed your instructions exactly, regarding egg-dying with nettles, but never achieved a colour like yours.
      Wherever you live, the nettles must be different. I LOVED the green that you achieved, i dyed white and brown eggs,
      but they are NOTHING LIKE YOURS.
      best wishes,

        1. Hi Suzanne, I’ve been meaning to reproduce the experiment to reply but my local patch of nettles got razed to the ground. As I live in London, nettles don’t grow everywhere. Will try to find new nettles (it rained a lot recently) and give it another go :)

    2. Hello Laure,
      I just saw the picture of the beautiful green eggs dyed with nettles. I have also read the messages above. This has stirred my curiosity and I would like to try it if and when I can find nettles.

      I am requesting the instructions for coloring with nettles as I have been unable to locate instructions on your website. I will appreciate your response with requested info.

      Thank you,
      L. F. Hill

      1. Hi Linda, dying with nettles is easily done in a pot with water. Fill the pot with just enough water to cover the nettles, bring the liquid to a simmer, turn off the heat and let steep during a few hours. Once cold, strain. You can use the resulting liquid to dye your eggs by reheating it as they boil. You don’t need any particular fixatives. Note that the metal of the pot will impact the final color. Aluminium gets the brightest results, stainless steel will yield a green on the browner side. Happy Easter!

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