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    > Eco-friendly Bedding & Clothes for Children

    Eco-friendly Bedding & Clothes for Children

    As part of my first assignment for, the family website of the City of San Francisco, I wrote an article on eco-friendly bedding and clothes for children. In researching it, I was blown away by the amount of chemicals we’re surrounded by in seemingly innocent places: the mattress we sleep on, the couch we sit on, the pillow we rest on, the no-wrinkle shirt we love so much, the pajamas that keep our little ones snug.

    It’s PVC here, polyurethane there, PBDEs over there, phthalates for the lucky ones and the list goes on.

    What’s worse, there’s no real way to avoid all these invisible particles to poison your air unless you decide a major overhaul of your furniture and you break the piggy bank. Read the article and look for the magic potion.

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