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    > Floods in Dry Season

    Floods in Dry Season

    Never a dull day with two preschoolers. Yesterday we were at a friend’s house for a play date. I was changing #2’s diaper in the restroom when I heard a knock on the door. #1 comes in slightly distressed. “Maman, there’s a mess.” A mess? “There’s a mess on the floor in the restroom downstairs.” My friend asked me if there was a problem so I translated that I thought the toilet was clogged downstairs.

    Oh Lord. I’d never seen that much water in a bathroom. Actually, I did not even know that a toilet could overflow that well. Wow. It was a clear water pond in the basement and the carpet was soaking it in at high speed velocity. My first reaction was to yell at my four-year-old, which in hindsight, was not very nice. But hey! You bring your child to someone’s house and they flood the basement by clogging the toilet with too much TP? Thank God it was not diarrhea day. I was mortified enough.

    So my friend spent the rest of dinnertime vacuuming her restroom while I was giving dessert to the little girls and then I sang songs to her 4-month old when she started crying because Mamma was outta sight. What an evening!

    Now #1 has learned her lesson. This morning I heard a loud “Maman I used very little paper!” after she flushed.

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