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    > Frog Mom: Best Blog for Parents on SkinnyScoop and ChatterBlock

    Frog Mom: Best Blog for Parents on SkinnyScoop and ChatterBlock

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    Mommy blog news! Earlier in the summer, Frog Mom made the SkinnyScoop ‘s Top 25 Mommy Bloggers of 2012 along with mommy blogs from the East Coast to the West Coast. Last week, Frog Mom was selected by ChatterBlock as one of the best blogs for parents in the Bay Area along with fantastic local blogs such as Slow Family Online, Rookie Moms, Using Our WordsUnKnown Mami, or Cookies & Clogs. Yesterday I learned that Frog Mom has been nominated to the Top 25 NorCal Moms – 2012 list on Circle of Moms. How’s that’s for uplifting mommy blog news?

    Let me introduce the websites so you can learn more about these great online resources – for parents and non-parents.

    SkinnyScoop is a website where you can create lists of your favorite things and share them. Sorta like a written Pinterest of lists. People follow your lists. They comment on them. You follow theirs. You create new lists and so on. Lists don’t have to be parent related. In fact, they are all over the map in terms of topics. Yes there’s a list for the Back To School Guide 2012 but there’s also a list for The New PJ&B or Gadgets and Ideas for a Small Home Office. Or God forbid, a book list for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey. In a less naughty category, I recently made my own list in the San Francisco Awesome Eats Awards and I’ll keep adding to it. So there. Lists, check lists, lists to share. Obviously when Frog Mom was voted on the Top 25 list on the Skinny Scoop, I was very happy.

    ChatterBlock is a whole different animal. It’s a website that offers micro-content with local activities for families. Think of it of a giant calendar of events for your area where you let people in your circle know that you’ll be attending event X or Y, and they can decide to join you on that day. Since I discovered ChatterBlock in April, I’ve been using the website as a calendar for super-local things: swimming pools, classes, theater shows. In fact, I subscribe to their weekly newsletter for the San Francisco/Peninsula edition. How do they find events I don’t even know about? Seriously, if you look for weekend ideas, check it out.

    Last but not least, Circle of Moms. In 2011 I was voted in their Top 25 San Francisco Bay Area Mom Blogs. This year I hope to make their Top 25 NorCal Moms list and I’ll ask for help from my readers for that. More on that soon!

    To finish, I’d like to thank you, my readers, who take the time to read my blog and spread the word with your friends. I love hearing from you in your comments. I love seeing you interact with me on social media. It makes blogging a lot more fun than writing to a screen with two fingers.


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    1. This is very cool too btw :) Congrats to you on all your awesome successes and thanks for stopping by RE: my baby product I’m so excited that Huggies chose my product I can’t wait to get it out to parents :) Hopefully very soon!

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