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    > Great Decorations Ideas for the Christmas Tree

    Great Decorations Ideas for the Christmas Tree

    This is a guest post by the awesome and very festive-minded Maggy Woodley a.k.a. Red Ted Art, insanely gifted craft blogger.

    Months before Christmas, as soon as weather starts to change and temperature goes down, my kids start talking about Christmas. From planning what to write to Santa to thinking about kids crafts they could make, they enjoy every aspect of Christmas holidays. We have created many DIY Christmas ornaments over years, some of them are easy paper crafts while other are more challenging sewing Christmas projects. Here you will find small selection of various ideas to try with your kids!Christmas Tree

    1. When Christmas ornaments are cute, my kids are more eager to make them! How about yours? We had so much fun making felt reindeer ornaments and kids were so proud of their work when they got displayed on our Christmas tree!
    2. For kids who are attempting their first sewing stitches, great beginner sewing project are easy felt stars. They look adorable as Christmas tree decorations and they can make one each or as many as they wish, in any color combination.
    3. If you’re looking for something a bit different in not so ordinary theme, how about Scandinavian gnome sewing project? They look quirky and fun and would look good either placed on the mantel or hanging on Christmas tree!
    4. Most of the kids we know love unicorns! How about your kids? Invite them to make these simple paper and yarn unicorn ornaments to bring luck and add as one of the decorations on your Christmas tree!
    5. Wood slices are wonderful for crafting! Used them before? We like how you can use smaller pieces from branches to create adorable wood slice snowman ornaments, or you can also use larger pieces from tree trunk to create outdoor snowman decoration for your yard or porch!
    6. We also love to see little angels hanging around our home around Christmas time. You too? Make few of these lovely little paper angels and hang them on your Christmas tree as ornaments or use them to make a Christmas garland!
    7. When it comes to Christmas, we often associate cardinals with this holiday. So, why not make a couple of paper cardinal ornaments to hang on Christmas tree? You have to agree that they look wonderful!
    8. Corks are one of those crafting materials we use often. They are perfect for crafting tiny characters like these Santa cork ornaments! Adorable, don’t you think? You can make many of them and pretty fast!
    9. Gather supplies and let kids work on their fine motor skills as they create yarn Christmas tree ornaments! Love how, when finished, each and one of these tree ornaments look different and unique!
    10. Want to add Christmas stockings to your mantel this year? You can easily, as long as you have some old sweaters you can spare! Turn them in unique knitted no-knit Christmas stockings. Surely they will look better than store-bought! And each family member will have one of the kind for them.

    Paper, corks, wood slices, yarn… so many options and so many wonderful Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree! Do you have a favorite crafting medium? Which one of these Christmas tree ornaments you will try to make first? And don’t forget to explore our comprehensive list of Kids Crafts to guide you through all the seasons!

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