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    > I Spy Autumn Hike with Children

    I Spy Autumn Hike with Children

    How do you celebrate the autumn season with your kids? The best way, for nature-loving families, is to go outside and go on an I Spy Autumn Hike to find some of the treasures of fall outside.

    Kids (and adults) love a good treasure hunt and this hike provides the best motivation to draw kids outside when you don’t want to

    Whether you live in the countryside or in a city, you are bound to notice signs of fall in nature. Of course, the quintessential stalwart of fall colors is the Japanese maple, and you’re in luck if you live in the northeast of the US, in Canada or in Japan. However if you live in other parts of the northern hemisphere, you will be glad to learn that other trees can throw a pretty show of fiery autumn colors too. For the best fall foliage, look for forests with deciduous trees such as oaks, birches, beeches, aspens, gingkos, cottonwood or ash.

    The edge of roadways, ridgetops and hill tops offer some of the best viewing spots.

    No hike with children would be complete without food, so don’t forget to pack nutritious snacks and heartwarming drinks (hello, Thermos hot water bottles) to stop on the trail and enjoy a well-deserved break while the kids look for a pile of leaves to jump in.

    To create this I Spy Autumn Hike with Children, I quizzed my two girls over breakfast and they suggested every single item on this list, their 12 favorite activities for when the season gets colder and we get to wear woolly tops and warm jackets to go hiking.

    I hope you enjoy this list and add your family favorites to it.

    I Spy Autumn

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