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    > Journey to The Last Ice Caves of The Pyrenees – PHOTOS

    Journey to The Last Ice Caves of The Pyrenees – PHOTOS


    If you read my account of the journey to the last ice caves of the Pyrenees, you know that it was an epic family adventure that involved a solid dose of adventure, many unknowns and a remote ice cave at 8.700 feet. Allow me now to share the photos of this expedition as a photo gallery. Sit back and relax. No need for bulky helmets, spiky crampons or long mountain hikes to enjoy the tour. This is my end-of-the-year gift to you – my favorite 2013 trip.

    Should you wish to reproduce any of the photos, please do ask me before. I rarely say no but I like to know how my content is used.

    4 thoughts on “Journey to The Last Ice Caves of The Pyrenees – PHOTOS

    1. Wow, I’m in awe! What an adventure. You did all of this with such careful preparation but it still must have been very challenging!

      I have to say, given I just turned 80 I’m most pulled into this story by your 72 year old father. He is amazing.

      What can compare with this? You must have some other family adventures planned that might rival this but what?

      Anyway, bravo! By the way, the photos are fabulous.


      1. Hello Marcia,thank you so much for the kind words. It was quite an adventure and I’m glad it went well considering all the parameters. A week before our departure, our mountain guide cancelled and I had to scramble to find someone else because without a guy who knew about ropes and mountain safety, the trip was not happening. That’s how I ended with a mountain guide wo didn’t know the cave but was an ace climber. We pulled what we could do together and the result is here.

        What can compare? Oh dear, how I’d love to sail to Antartica and swim there. Now that, would be an awfully big adventure.

        Take care, Marcia


    2. Thank you for sharing! What a great adventure. I hope that we have adventures like this with our girls. Just waiting for Sierra to learn to walk :-)

      1. Hi Kirsten, you’re so sweet. Of course, walking would be a preliminary requirement to go adventuring somewhere but I say, if you got the adventure bug, it’s half the battle won. Happy holidays!

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