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    > Mother’s Day Ideas for Outdoorsy Moms

    Mother’s Day Ideas for Outdoorsy Moms

    If you’re an outdoorsy mom, a typical breakfast-in-bed Mother’s Day won’t cut it. Chocolate and bouquets are nice, but life is meant for living to the fullest. Outdoorsy moms prefer adventures and sport to a day indoors, however nice that day may be. How about you ask the whole family to take you out on an active day that you will all remember? Mother’s Day only happens once a year–make the most of it and enjoy. You deserve it.

    Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Hike and a Picnic

    Mother's Day for Outdoorsy Moms

    On Mother’s Day, you can enjoy your favorite hike and a picnic, with a bonus. You get to lay back and be treated to a picnic prepared specially for you with your favorite food. Mine would probably include a chocolate cake, pork pies and a nice salad. Also, the traditional Mother’s Day flower bouquet? Forget it, old school. As Mother’s Day celebrations around the world usually happen in spring, chances are that you can have your picnic in an area surrounded with wildflowers.  If you want an extra guarantee on flowers, you could aim for your botanical garden and plan an itinerary based on your favorite plants.

    Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Swim and Tea

    Mother's Day for Outdoorsy Moms

    On Mother’s Day, chances are that lakes, rivers and the sea will still be on the cool side but for the water-loving mom, it’s hard to turn down a swim. My ideal Mother’s Day will include a swim, that’s for sure, and I will be expecting to be treated to a cup of warm Earl Grey tea when I get out (and a fresh towel, thank you). For an extra special swim, ask your family to pick a secluded spot, as wild as possible. A waterfall would be nice, no really it would be great, almost as good as gorge swim, but if not, a nice river or sandy beach with wave action will do.

    Climb a 5.12 for Mother’s Day

    Mother's Day for Outdoorsy MOms

    OK, I’m kidding on the 5.12, but CragMama did it last year and she’s a hardcore outdoorsy mom. Climbing is a great way to forget about your daily grind and focus on pure rock and your moves. Even if you’re a beginner, a day out climbing is a fantastic way to exercise in beautiful surroundings. (I have yet to find a climbing spot that looks like a dump.) If you don’t know how to climb but would like to give it a try, your family can contact your local climbing gym for ideas or your Parks & Rec. I don’t do top-rope anymore but I love a day out bouldering when the conditions are right.

    Go Cycling like You’re Kristin Armstrong on Mother’s Day

    Mother's Day for Outdoorsy Moms

    If you’re a cyclist, Mother’s Day will be ideally positioned early in race season and could be the perfect opportunity for a nice ride. Cyclist Kristin Armstrong won three Olympic gold medals in cycling, the 3rd one at age 43 at the Rio Olympics. After winning her medal, she said, “I think that for so long we’ve been told that we should be finished at a certain age. And I think that there’s a lot of athletes out there that are actually showing that that’s not true. For all the moms out there, I hope that this was a very inspiring day.” Kristin Armstrong and her family live in Idaho, where she works at a hospital and trains when she finds time to ride her bike. Wherever you live, you too celebrate Mother’s Day by finding time to ride.

    Enjoy a Mother’s Day Paddle

    Mother's Day ideas for Outdoorsy MOms

    Whether it’s sea kayaking, river canoeing or stand up paddleboard (SUP), a Mother’s Day paddle is a wonderful experience that combines relaxing exploration with gentle water exercise. If you live in Canada or any other lake-lucky country (Finland?), finding a Mother’s Day paddle activity shouldn’t be too hard. In fact, most parks and ports will probably organize guided Mother’s Day paddles. If you live in a country where paddle sports are not as common, look for your local river or seashore authority and contact them for details.

    Whatever you do on Mother’s Day outdoors, have fun and relax!

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