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    > Ophelia And The Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee

    Ophelia And The Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee

    Ophelia and the marvelous boy

    Adventure! Magic! Mystery!

    Young Ophelia doesn’t consider herself brave but she’s extremely curious. Living in a city where it always snows, she finds herself battling the Snow Queen in a museum, while haunting the hallways of the museum grieving her recently-deceased mother.

    This Victorian steampunk take on the Snow Queen had my daughter all up in arms about who the evil Snow Queen could be and how she could be defeated. Here you will learn how superglue can stop Misery Birds, why lying leads to no good and how helping others can do good.

    My 8-year old daughter recommends this book to kids ages 7 and above (with help from their parents). As she says, “unexpected things will happen to Ophelia.”

    May you enjoy the unexpected!

    Thanks to Knopf for providing a review copy of this great book.

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