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    #cbias Winter Outdoor Family Fun: Hobbit Feast In The Forest

    Of all winter activities, a lunchtime picnic feast doesn’t come across as an obvious outdoor family activity but it is a great way to break free from the winter blues and enjoy some quality time with the kids outside. After the holidays and too much staying inside and indulging, I desperately needed a breath of fresh air and this was a perfect excuse to get everybody out the door. Just imagine. With a little hobbit magic and a friendly forest nearby, this unusual Tolkien adventure had our children all excited and willing to brave all winter skies to lay a blanket on the forest floor and eat like hobbits.

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    Books for Kids: Eight Books to Celebrate 2013 Holidays

    To celebrate the holidays and the winter season in all their scented and crisp glory, here is a selection of eight picture books for all ages, from my toddler nephew to my tween girls. I selected them for their evocative writing, their creativity or their gorgeous art, and then sorted them from youngest to oldest.

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