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    12 Autumn and Halloween Outdoor Activities for Kids

    Come crisp mornings and falling leaves, we look forward to our favorite family fun fall activities, from […]

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    First Attempt At Swimming the English Channel

    We were going to attempt swimming 21 miles of the busiest strait on the planet, slower than a man can walk, with just our swimsuits, a swim cap and goggles. The good? We were swimming to raise money for charity. The bad? Cold water, rough seas, busy shipping lanes, strong tides, seasickness, flotsam and possibly jellyfish. The ugly? After 15 hours and 30 minutes of swimming, we turned back to England without touching France.

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    Vacuum Insulated 16 oz/470ml Thermos Stainless King Food Jar Review

    Hot food jars are the best companion to a winter picnic in the woods or a hot lunch on a cold hike. Here, I review a Thermos model that I purchased for my girls and that comes with a folding spoon, an accessory that honestly is quite useful. Besides nice looks, this jar gets my vote on important points such as keeping food warm, being child-friendly and not leaking in the backpack. Read the review for a full field test and trial by soup!

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    Afternoon Tea for Children in London

    For any tourist visiting London, the dainty ritual of afternoon teas is high on the to-do list with Big Ben, the London Eye and the changing of the guard. Understandably when we arrived in London last year, I fantasized on finding the perfect afternoon tea. I’d take my girls, we’d sit by the fireplace and we’d nibble on cucumber sandwiches and scones while drinking tea and hot chocolate. However, some were too much for modern foodies, others too quiet and civilized, others too frumpy. I finally found three options that, to me, offer the best of both worlds – great quality afternoon teas and a child-friendly atmosphere.

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