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    How To Dress Your Kids For Cold Winter Days with Kozi Kidz

    It’s cold outside and it’s going to stay cold at least 6 more weeks, according to Punxsutawney Phil! How do you dress your kids for a day of outdoors fun? In my experience, a child who gets cold means the end of a winter day outdoors. That’s why I always pay attention to how my girls dress for cold winter days, as I want them to stay dry and warm.

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    Canyoneering with Kids: Tips for Beginners

    Canyoneering with kids, ever tried it? This adventure sport, born in France, blends walking, scrambling, swimming, climbing, and abseiling skills to traverse canyons. It’s an amazing way to explore gorgeous backcountry areas that would normally be impossible to access. For kids, it’s a epic day and a fun way to do something different with a dose of adrenaline. Let me give you a few tips for beginners so that you can discover this new activity with your family.

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    Gear Review: Pelican Micro Case for Cameras and the Rugged Outdoors

    Water-resistant, crushproof and dustproof, the Pelican Micro Case is a must for outdoors enthusiasts who use compact cameras in all types of weather. With the winter season coming, keeping your camera safe and dry is going to be paramount. Read how I field-tested my case in various terrains so I could review it based on real-life days out.

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