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    > Richard Louv Book Giveaway Winners!

    Richard Louv Book Giveaway Winners!

    The Nature Principle
    Congratulations to my two winners, selected through a random drawing in a hat by my 6-year old with her eyes shut! They each get a copy of Richard Louv’s book The Nature Principle.

    Mia of Oakland shared her favorite nature memory on the Frog Mom Facebook Page: “Now that the question has been asked, the memories keep flooding in … jumping on haystacks in my jammies; building a fort on the side of the barn and threatening to run away from home if my sister and i were not allowed to spend the night in it; making perfumes and potions from flowers, berries and herbs harvested from around us; our pet turtles and hedgehogs; playing hide & seek with the wild rabbits that suddenly multiplied from the few our neighbors asked for permission to release from their pens; tossing rotten persimmons at the side of the barn when i was supposed to be collecting them and composting them before the bees found them; and the mindblowing taste of hazelnut cake made from nuts we helped to harvest and raspberry gelato that was almost worth all the scratches from the thorns!”

    Susan of Improv-a-mama shared her favorite nature memory in a comment on Frog Mom directly: “Complete rich sense memory of standing on the beach (Long Beach on Long Island) watching the sunset the last time before we moved. I was 9 and I can feel what it was like to stand there watching the sky change and the seagulls fly and the first star appear. I loved the beach and missed it so much when we moved inland.” Susan, I still need your mailing information!

    Congratulations to them two and thank you for all the awesome nature memories. From A Little Yumminess‘ Malaysian beach memories to Evan’s camp in Colorado, Autumn’s creek and crawdad adventure in Sonoma, Amy’s hilarious first case of unintentional poison oak, Outdoor Adventurer’s exploring days at Vasquez Rocks, Exploring Portland’s Nature Area‘s furtive deer encounter in the dark, and Provocations for Early Childhood Education‘s memory of jumping in fresh haystacks in the evening in her nightgown, they made my day. So varied and so unique!

    Thanks to you all!

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