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    > San Bruno Mountain County Park

    San Bruno Mountain County Park

    Take the Pied Piper. Give him four children to lead on a gentle gravel path amongst spring flowers in the rolling hills of the San Bruno mountains.

    Make the children four little giggling girls under 5 years of age, the youngest just half of that with an appetite for raisins.

    Add fierce gusts of winds on some parts, sun all the way through and skipping little girls picking up rocks in their pockets.

    Sprinkle California poppies, blue-eyed daisies, sticky monkey flowers and Douglas irises in the green grasses. Fear the shiny leaves of poison oak.

    Insert a side trail through watery bogs and a level finish amongst eucalyptus trees back on Saddleback Trail. However, if you want the travelers to get to destination, do not ever ever tell the Pied Piper the hike is going to be 2.5 miles long.


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