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    > Stick Man Twig Christmas Ornament

    Stick Man Twig Christmas Ornament

    As a forest-loving family, we love Stick Man, a fantastic Christmas book about a family of stick people living in a family tree. When Stick Man gets mistaken for a stick by a playful dog, he’s carried away far from home and his loved ones. Through the book, he survives many adventures before finally returning to his family tree on Christmas night. Since I always pick up pinecones, acorns and sticks on family walks in the woods, we have a big bag of sticks at home. With Christmas approaching, I brought out twine, baubles and jingle bells to make this Stick Man-inspired twig Christmas ornament. It’s an easy craft that you can make with your kids after reading the book.

    Stick Man Twig Christmas Ornament

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    I love when books can be turned into nature crafts at home and my girls enjoy getting creative with natural materials. As soon as Halloween was over, I jumped onto the Christmas crafts bandwagon with glee. Since days are getting quite short and winter isn’t far, November doesn’t seem that early to indulge in festive crafts with the kids.

    Stick Man Twig Christmas Ornament

    You will need:

    • twigs
    • twine
    • small baubles or jingle bells
    • scissors

     How to:

    1. Gather a lot of different twigs outside, the more the better. If you can, find twigs with different bark textures to make twig ornaments more fun.
    2. Cut four twigs into sticks of similar length by snapping them with your hands if they are dry enough. Prune them with garden scissors if twigs are too green.
    3. Cut twine pieces at least 2 or 3 times as long as the sticks.
    4.  You need to create a square frame with twigs. Assemble twigs into a square frame and bind corners with twine. Trim excess twine with scissors.
    5. Attach bauble, jingle bell or your favorite holiday ornament with twig, weaving it through a corner of the frame.
    6. Tie a loop with twine at the same corner for hanging.
    7. Make different sizes to decorate your front door, home, garden, trees or gifts.

    This is my stash of twigs at the beginning, step 1.


    This is the twig Christmas ornament, step 4.

    Stick Man DIY Twig Christmas Ornament

    This is another Stick Man Twig Christmas Ornament, step 5.


    This is a Stick Man Twig Christmas Ornament with mini red bauble.

    Stick Man Twig Christmas Ornament

    This is another version with a silver jingle bell.

    Stick Man Twig Christmas Ornament

    Et voila!

    You can check out my DIY nature chandelier craft and DIY Death Star Christmas ornament for more DIY Christmas nature craft ideas.

    This craft idea is part of the 30 Christmas Craft + Book Ideas For Children blog hop! Check out the other fun Christmas book crafts over at Emma Owl.

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