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    > Thanks Red Tricycle for selecting Frog Mom in the Bay Area Mom Blogs list!

    Thanks Red Tricycle for selecting Frog Mom in the Bay Area Mom Blogs list!

    Thanks to The Red Tricycle team! Yesterday they published a list of top mom and dad blogs for the San Francisco Bay Area and Frog Mom is listed at the number 21. Yoohoo! If you don’t know The Red Tricycle, they’re an awesome parenting websites with daily features on fun outings with the kids, recipes, upcoming events and celebrity parents interviews. Big disclaimer: I’ve been writing for them since last year but I get the Red Tricycle newsletter for personal use as a mom and love to peruse their list of weekend events – and read about local hangouts described by other moms. Last week I wrote about Bay Area Children’s Theaters, a pet peeve of mine that leads me to take my girls to tons of plays and musicals in all parts of the Bay Area.

    I’m very honored to be included in the Red Tricycle list and it’s motivating me to start thinking about improving this blog. Hopefully soon it’ll be more user-friendly and you’ll be able to scan local adventures by topic or season. I’m also thinking about inserting a calendar of upcoming events so that my readers know about the fun before – not after the facts. I am also planning to start interviewing local personalities behind the scenes of so many cool things I love. And because I Iove to cook and my kids enjoy eating, cookbook reviews are in the plans too. So little time, so many ideas!

    On this note, have a great beautiful day and get the sleds out. Snow is on the way and I don’t intend to miss it!

    2 thoughts on “Thanks Red Tricycle for selecting Frog Mom in the Bay Area Mom Blogs list!

    1. Congratulations on this!! You deserve it – your blog always has the best trips and best most fun information – and it really makes me want to get the kids out more (when we finish up with the skiing – my current mantra)Too often our weekends are clogged with driving to endless sports which is really annoying!)

    2. Congratulations, Laure! I am sure you are motivating many parents to get their kids outside and excited about adventure.


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