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    > The Jungle Book Movie: 3 Activity Sheets (Printables)

    The Jungle Book Movie: 3 Activity Sheets (Printables)

    THE JUNGLE BOOK (Pictured) BAGHEERA and MOWGLI. ©2016 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    THE JUNGLE BOOK (Pictured) BAGHEERA and MOWGLI. ©2016 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Set to be released this spring (April 2016), Disney’s The Jungle Book movie promises to be visually stunning and much darker than the classic 1967 animated movie, which means that I’ll definitely take my girls to see it. The classic story of Mowgli, the wild child brought up by wolves in the Indian jungle, is an amazing story of survival and the fact that it’s coming as a live action movie is pretty cool. Of course, we love the Disney animated movie which has some of the best Disney songs. But The Jungle Book as a live action movie? Bring on the adventure, kids!

    To get more info about the movie, I watched the movie trailer (below). It shows a skilled but frail wild child facing the dark reality of the jungle and the most amazing lush landscapes you could think of. This teaser alone should have you kids excited about the movie.

    Naturally, there’s still 6 weeks or so before the movie opens so, what to do until then? If your kids are the impatient kind (who can blame them?), I’m thrilled to share three exclusive Disney activity sheets with printables based on the movie. You can use them to talk to your kids about the story and the original book by Rudyard Kipling, or just to kill time before dinner at home. Free jungle fun before the party begins, what’s not to like?

    1 – Mowgli’s Jungle Maze

    Yes, definitely as tricky as it looks! You won’t be able to solve this one with a half-cooked spaghetti, that’s for sure. This maze will have young ones scratching their heads for a way out of a vine world but I know they will succeed. Consider this activity the starter of a 3-course meal.


    For a high resolution version to print, download here.

    2 – Spot The Difference

    That’s one of my youngest ones’ favorites. She will literally lose track of time trying to spot the differences. A classic whenever we are killing time on the train or at a restaurant waiting for glorious food to show up. Obviously, it will be optimal to print this one in full color if you can. This is the main course in the Jungle Book activity sheet trilogy, but just you wait for the final activity.


    For a high resolution version to print, download here.

    3 – Build A Hexaflexagon

    I sense some serious scissor/knuckle action here! My 10-year-old is part of the Origami Club at her school and I bet that she’s going to go nuts about this activity. Plus, hexaflexagon is a cool word that you don’t get to use everyday. I’ll print this one on thicker paper as it needs to be strong enough to be shaped into the wondrous hexaflexagon.


    For a high resolution version to print, download here.

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